‘Older Entrepreneurs Do It Better’

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By Patrick Longo, HCDC Business Center Director

I saw an interesting perspective recently in The Wall Street Journal, in an article from Carl Schramm, a past Chairman of the Kauffman Foundation, titled, “Older Entrepreneurs Do It Better.”

Schramm sets the stage for communities to cultivate the “over 35” set of entrepreneurs!  The HCDC Business Center has been serving entrepreneurs since 1989 in the Cincinnati area and we have seen first-hand the success of first-time entrepreneurs who are over the age of 35.  As an incubation program, we serve all ages of entrepreneurs with our 70,000-sq ft mixed use, innovation-focused environment.  But, it is amazing to see how many of our success stories started with age 35+ entrepreneurs.  It’s neat to see national research that backs up a significant finding from our incubation program!

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