As the aerospace industry increasingly demands lighter, stronger, and more conductive materials, General Nano is responding by ramping up its manufacturing of carbon nanotube materials.

General Nano is expanding its operations located inside the Business Center, HCDC’s business incubator.  This is the second expansion for the 3-year-old company whose nanotechnology is principally used for the aerospace, defense, energy and specialty markets.

Joe Sprengard, founder & CEO of General Nano, holds a carbon nanotube.

Joe Sprengard, founder & CEO of General Nano, holds a carbon nanotube.

Joe Sprengard, founder & CEO of General Nano, credits the expansion to building products that addresses their clients’ pain points.

“Some startups have a tendency to build technology first and then hope someone will buy it. Our thinking is the reverse,” said Sprengard. “We develop products that our customers want.”

General Nano is transitioning into a larger lab space within the Business Center to support their pilot production. The company is in final trials to launch its first commercial application to be used for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV).

Besides adding space, General Nano is also adding jobs. The company began with two people and has grown to seven with more hires planned in the near future.

A 2013 Business Courier Innovation Award winner, General Nano was recognized for excellence in Engineering Innovation for manufacturing carbon nanotube (CNTs) materials into sheets and non woven products used by the Department of Defense, NASA and major aerospace contractors.

General Nano grew from the invention of two University of Cincinnati professors. The company now has exclusive licensing agreements with UC for use of their technology. The Business Center provides the convenient lab space and location so employees can easily travel between the campus and the incubator.