HCDC, Woodlawn to Work to Promote Growth


Hamilton County Development Company (HCDC) and the Village of Woodlawn have entered into an economic development agreement. The agreement is for HCDC to promote economic development for the Village.  Woodlawn council voted to accept the agreement at a meeting on October 30th.

HCDC is contracted to do economic development for Hamilton County.  It has agreements with some communities to provide additional assistance. This partnership allows HCDC to assist Woodlawn in business and job retention and expansion.  HCDC also will provide general economic development assistance as part of the agreement.

“Bringing HCDC deeper into our economic development strategy demonstrates how seriously Woodlawn is taking this issue,” said Carolyn Smiley-Robertson, Woodlawn Municipal Manager.  “It is imperative that the Village remain economically vital, and this agreement boosts our ability to promote and assist business development.”

The agreement, which will run for one year, calls for HCDC to focus efforts on three areas of economic development.  In terms of business retention and expansion, HCDC will initiate a business retention program aimed at encouraging the continued success of businesses already located in Woodlawn.

For the attraction of new businesses, HCDC will assist the Village in efforts to find new uses for the vacant commercial and industrial properties throughout the Village.

HCDC also will assist Woodlawn with the administration of all tax incentive programs and economic development tools.

“This is a very comprehensive approach to economic development,” said Catherine Fitzgerald, Contract Manager for HCDC.  “Woodlawn’s willingness to focus on multiple facets of development is a wide-ranging approach that can positively impact the Village.”

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