HCDC Officially Launches the Hamilton County Office of Innovation + Creativity

Last fiscal year Hamilton County, Ohio funded research to identify potential gaps in business development support for assistance to second stage businesses in their growth trajectory. In meeting and speaking with multiple organizations that serve startup and small businesses in the local community, the research indeed showed a need was present.

As a recommendation, Hamilton County has funded a program called the Office of Innovation + Creativity. With the hiring of Karla Boldery as the Director of Innovation Services, HCDC has moved forward with the official launch of the program.

HCDC will act as the lead entrepreneurial support organization for innovative second stage businesses in Hamilton County. Second stage is defined as $1 million to $50 million in revenue and 10-99 employees. As an entrepreneurial hub, HCDC will provide Economic Gardening services and access to strategic information and connectivity to build a support system for participating companies in the Office of Innovation + Creativity program.

Economic Gardening gives second stage company CEOs sophisticated corporate-level analysis on five key areas: core strategy, market dynamics, qualified sales leads, innovation, and temperament. These leaders can then use this data to determine next-step growth strategies for their organizations.

Each company is expected to engage in 10-12 hours of program time over the course of six to eight weeks and will receive 36 hours’ worth of research and resulting data. The company CEOs will engage the National Center for Economic Gardening’s Strategic Research Team to utilize commercial databases, graphic information systems, and search engine optimization and web marketing to assist in company growth.

HCDC is currently in the process of identifying the first ten companies for the program. Applications will be accepted until July 15th. Please contact Karla Boldery for more information or to apply at kboldery@hcdc.com. More news to come!

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