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HCDC Economic Development Office Assists Village of Lockland with Grants

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HCDC’s Economic Development Office has assisted in obtaining five grants totaling over $550,000 in recent months for the Village of Lockland. These grants attract private investment to existing buildings, make land shovel-ready for new construction, and allow for the establishment of new State of Ohio incentive programs. The asterisk (*) denotes estimated
grant values:

United States EPA Pilot Grant

A $300,000 United States Environmental Protective Agency (USEPA) Pilot Grant for Environmental Assessments was awarded in 2018. HCDC assisted Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) consultants in applying for these grant funds that must be expended by 2021. The funds are used to conduct environmental studies in Village commercial/industrial areas. These studies are required when industrial properties are bought and sold, and to satisfy bank requirements when seeking loans. One hundred thousand dollars is earmarked for petroleum investigations commonly found due to automobile fueling, repair, and storage activities.

Abandoned Gas Station Clean-Up Grant

A $200,000* Ohio EPA Abandoned Gas Station Clean-Up Grant for the address of 800 Wyoming was
awarded in late 2017. This grant allows the Village to obtain a clean bill of health from the OEPA and will allow for new building construction on the site.

Federal EPA Grant

A $30,000* Federal EPA Grant to conduct Phase 2 soil sampling on the Village-owned Stearns & Foster site was awarded in early 2018. Hamilton County requested this grant for the benefit of the Village, who will use the investigation results to prepare the land for new construction in 2019.

Hamilton County Land Bank

Residential demolition estimated at $15,000 was approved by the Hamilton County Land Bank at 243 Shepherd Avenue. The Village of Lockland acquired this land as part of a site assembly effort in 2017. It is located at the northern end of the Stearns & Foster site at the intersection of Brown Street and Shepherd. It is anticipated that the property will be transferred back to the Village of Lockland and then either be used to relocate Shepherd Avenue or be used for building construction as shown in the Stearns & Foster Master Plan.

Ohio Development Services Agency

A $12,000 grant was approved in Spring 2018 through the Ohio Historic Preservation Pipeline Initiative Grant. HCDC obtained this grant to fund Sullebarger & Associates professional works in getting the Mill & Dunn Street
Business District placed on the National Register as a historic district. Historic district status will allow for establishment of a Downtown Redevelopment District (DRD). The DRD will allow tax revenue from new construction on the Stearns & Foster site to be used for public infrastructure improvements, as well as grants and loans to renovate buildings within the district.

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