HCDC Client Data Inventions Receives Seed Funding

CincyTech and NCT Ventures announced investment this month in Data Inventions, a technology company that brings new life to conventional manufacturing. The Data Inventions platform adds a layer of front line analytics to traditional machine tools. The resulting insights enable midsize manufacturers to take immediate actions to get the most out of their operations, from materials, to the shop floor, to the bottom line.

“The Data Inventions team has built a solution that supports a growing manufacturing sector,” said CincyTech Entrepreneur-in-Residence John Bostick. “It enables midsize factories and operations that are staples in Ohio, the Midwest and so many American communities, to work smarter and compete globally.”

Data Inventions is headquartered at the HCDC Business Center, attracted by the region’s vibrant startup ecosystem and favorable business climate. It has offices in Boston, Massachusetts and Erie, Pennsylvania. Details of the investment will be disclosed at a later date.

Note: excerpted from CincyTech press release: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20170530005628/en

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