HCDC Assists Woodlawn in Community Development Block Grant for Pedestrian Bridge


The Woodlawn Pedestrian Bridge plan of action.

As part of its community contract with Woodlawn, HCDC conducted a “community needs” survey to learn how Woodlawn residents thought Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds should be used. One of the top needs identified was “Cleanup of Abandoned Lots and Buildings.” This included a pedestrian bridge over Mill Creek that had been closed and fenced off since 2011. The bridge connects the Woodlawn business district to community facilities like the recreation center, swimming pool, and municipal building.

Following the survey, HCDC applied to Hamilton County for funds for the bridge, detailing how the project met CDBG requirements. The Hamilton County Commissioners awarded $100,000 in CBDG funds to tear down the old bridge (which had been deemed unsafe), build a new bridge, clean out some of the old surrounding brush, and plant more than 500 new plants. The bridge project was completed in early October.

For more information on the project, please contact Senior Development Specialist Dan Ferguson at 513-458-2226 or at dferguson@hcdc.com.

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