HCBC_bldg2The Hamilton County Business Center (HCBC) mentors and helps business ideas become successful businesses. The incubator, which has been serving the Greater Cincinnati region since 1989, has helped entrepreneurs grow their businesses into local, national, and international leaders.

Nationally, there have been reports of individuals wanting to start small businesses instead of waiting to see if their current employer can weather the current economic storm. HCBC has seen this happen locally.

Companies who came to HCBC just four to five years ago when the economy first took a turn for the worse, have built successful businesses. Many of those companies have either moved out on their own, or will leave soon.

The success of those businesses has left rare vacancies at HCBC.

While there is interest in starting a new company, the wobbling economy still causes concern for people wanting to start their own firm. That’s where HCBC can be a big help to would-be entrepreneurs.

We help people create a business plan to get an idea off the ground. HCBC provides just the amount of space companies need at lift off. Our ongoing business coaching helps companies to stay focused on achieving goals that will move them forward. Finally, the atmosphere of being surrounded by other entrepreneurs provides invaluable peer mentoring.

HamCoBizCenter-logo-C-S-1The first step toward success is finding the right place to start. At HCBC, we have the space, assistance, and support available that may help you to start your own business. For more information, contact Patrick Longo at (513) 458-2211 or at Longo@hcdc.com.