Three local experts (Stefan Kyntchev, Michael Hiles, and Adam Koehler) will discuss the value, use cases of Blockchain technology.

This year cryptocurrency startups and projects have used ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) to raise $3.2 billion.*
Our panel discusses what ICOs are and why they may have a disruptive effect on venture capital and fundraising for startups.

* ICO tracker Coinschedule

Stefan Kyntchev is a software development
professional, entrepreneur and investor with more than 30 years experience building software systems including mobile and distributed Web-based enterprise applications. He spent the last 10+ years building Mobile applications for Android, Windows, and iOS. His current focus is on developing mobile solutions for Healthcare and ERP verticals.

He is best known for his contributions to BeyondPod – a popular podcasting application Android phones and Tablets. As a member of Queen City Angels, (Cincinnati-based angel investment group) he helps local entrepreneurs raise funds and convert ideas to products.

Mike Hiles is a digital native senior exec growth-hacker with cross-over experience in multiple sub-sectors and industry segments. Looking to connect traditional, legacy SMBs and Mid-Market firms with earlier-stage tech providers to create a strategic, combined boost in pre-acquisition valuation.

Adam Koehler Since 2009 worked as the owner of Reversed Out. A creative and technology firm focused on assisting small to medium-sized businesses with creative, branding, web design and maintenance as well as deeper application development. The same year started Reversed Out and also co-founded Dotloop. A real estate collaboration platform that makes it easier to buy and sell homes. In August of 2015  completed the sale of Dotloop to Zillow Group in a transaction worth $108 M.