Eye in the Sky

That would be Ohio Drone.

Ohio Drone has been part of the Business Center for a little over a year now and they are getting things done. With Rob Charvat leading the team, the applications for the device are limitless – construction inspection, emergency response management, agriculture inspection, bridge inspection, and so on.

They have teamed up with a local partner, Tytek Medical, to deliver an innovative crisis management solution. The end result is a product called the the Ptensys Crisis Management Integration System.

This is another great example of HCDC Business Center startups working together with more established local companies to provide valuable solutions that save lives. A win-win for both organizations, the Southwest Ohio startup ecosystem (#StartupCincy), and the entire state of Ohio.

There are a lot more stories like this coming out of the HCDC Business Center – stay tuned.

Watch the video to learn more about Ohio Drone.

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