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Urban Land Assistance Program

Mt. Healthy Garage
Mt. Healthy Garage
HCDC facilitated use of ULAP funds in Mt. Healthy to tear down a blighted garage.

ULAP Overview

The goal of Urban Land Assistance Program (ULAP) is to encourage the redevelopment of vacant and underutilized commercial and industrial sites in targeted Hamilton County inner-ring suburban communities. There is an identified demand in the business sector for developable industrial and commercial sites in the urban areas of Hamilton County. ULAP is designed to assist urban communities prepare a supply of sites to meet this demand.

Redevelopment of urban sites presents challenges not encountered when developing previously undeveloped sites, including overcoming negative perceptions, remediation of environmental concerns, demolition of existing buildings and the assembly of small properties to create a larger site. These challenges, and the costs associated with overcoming them, often discourage businesses and developers from investigating and preparing these sites for redevelopment. ULAP is designed to assist businesses, developers and local communities in the “pre-development” phase of potential projects. ULAP funding is used to determine environmental contamination and the potential cost of environmental clean up.

The State of Ohio spends millions of dollars in urban redevelopment funds via the Clean Ohio Fund. Additional funding may be available through the Environmental Protection Agency. As Hamilton County businesses grow and expand, redevelopment of urban sites provides an opportunity for distressed inner-ring suburbs and the central city to capture some of this investment. ULAP can assist these communities in this highly competitive environment.

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If you have any questions about ULAP or have a potential project that needs assistance, please contact the Economic Development Office at (513) 631-8292.