What’s Happening in Economic Development?

Community Improvement Corporation

CIC Overview

The Greater Cincinnati Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) is non-profit corporation organized to promote, encourage, and facilitate the economic and civic development within Hamilton County. The provisions of Chapter 1724 of the Ohio Revised Code govern the CIC, please click here to view the code.  The Greater Cincinnati CIC is currently involved in the following:

  1. Serve as an approving Authority for the issuance of development bonds.
  2. Represent Hamilton County in an agency role regarding the sale of County owned property.
  3. Develops and oversees an RFP process for the redevelopment of surplus County owned properties.

The Greater Cincinnati Community Improvement Corporation was created in February 1961.  Through a contract with Hamilton County Development Company, the CIC is staffed and housed at HCDC’s offices. CIC reviews and recommends (conduit) bond financing applications for the Board of County Commissioners (i.e. Industrial Development Bonds).

If you have any questions about the CIC, please contact Barry Strum at (513) 458-2212 or at bstrum@hcdc.com.