What is this Ecosystem?

What is this ecosystem that everyone keeps talking about? And more specifically the startup ecosystem? Startup Commons provides a solid definition of the startup ecosystem. They define startup ecosystem as being “formed by people, startups in their various stages and various types of organizations in a location (physical and/or virtual), interacting as a system to create new startup companies”.  Furthermore these organizations “can be divided into categories: universities, funding organizations, support organizations (like incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces etc.), research organizations, service provider organizations (like legal, financial services etc.) and large corporations. Different organizations typically focus on specific parts of the ecosystem function and/or startups at their specific development stage(s)”.

Welcome to the StartupCincy Ecosystem!

StartupCincy is packed with resources. How do you navigate this ecosystem? StartupCincy encompasses everything from main street businesses to high growth companies, to accelerator programs to venture capitalists. From ideation/imagining, to demonstrating, to market entry, to growth there is an organization in the Cincinnati region that has got you covered. The idea behind this map is to get you where you need to be, based on your specific stage and needs.

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Where Does Cincinnati Rank in Terms of Startup Ecosystems?

Depending on which report and methodology you subscribe to, the Cincinnati ecosystem is perennially mentioned with some of the top tier ecosystems in the Midwest. This report from Midwest Startups and M25, one of the most active early-stage investors across the region — pegs us at #8, and number #1 in the state of Ohio. There are other reports out there where Cincinnati may rank higher or lower depending on the various methodologies. Also, these rankings change from year to year.

Get Engaged and Give Us Feedback

We encourage you to use this map to find resources for your business and actively participate in what StartupCincy has to offer. And thanks to HCDC Client 39a for developing and delivering this visual to the broader audience. Also thanks to collaborative partners Cintrifuse and Main Street Ventures for driving this initiative.

HCDC Part of StartupCincy Ecosystem

HCDC’s Business Center is a nationally-recognized startup business incubator in Southwest Ohio that helps entrepreneurs launch successful technology-oriented businesses through coaching, connections, innovative programming, access to capital, and a diverse learning environment. We are always looking for innovative companies to join us on their journey – get feedback on your solution or product at Morning Mentoring.